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My Dr. is Christina L. Weeks. I have lived my whole life (53 yrs.) with a right eye turned in so far that I never thought it possible that it could be corrected. As a baby I had surgery on it to correct the problem, but it was unsuccessful. When I first met Dr. Weeks it was impressed upon me that not only was she very professional in every aspect of the word, but she had a confidence in her ability that was simply undeniable. After she explained the necessary surgical process to me to correct my right eye, without hesitation I had a sincere belief that after 53 years it could be done. I was not disappointed! Thanks to Dr. Weeks both of my eyes are totally straight! I have before and after pictures that will absolutely attest to her competence in this very specialized field of work. I can\'t thank you enough Dr. Weeks...I simply can't thank you enough!!" MR 9/13/16

"Eye Physicians and Surgeons has a new physician on staff, Dr Shah. I made an appointment with him for my yearly eye exam. I was extremely pleased. I did not experience a long wait time and found him to be both professional and caring. I will definitely schedule future appointments with him. " KB 10/26/15

"I have literally been coming to EPS since I was two months old. I'm twenty now and I still enjoy seeing everyone when I come! Everyone is fantastic and they always recognize me when I come in! The glasses selection is awesome too." HD 7/15/15

"I had cataract surgery in both eyes. My Surgeon was Dr Peter Gordon who many years ago did lasik surgery on both eyes, reattached a retina and has done my eye exams for about 12 years. When I was due for cataract surgery I was very afraid. Every step of the way he told me what he would do and how he would do it. He kept my fears abated. My vision came out perfect! Everything went just as he said it should and I never suffered with any pain, infection or any noticeable discomfort. Well maybe the eye patch when I slept for a week was a discomfort. Thank you Dr Gordon! Great job. " CAW 3/29/15

"John is very professional, quick responses to all questions and emails, very clear communication and excellent work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to him. Thanks John." - CR on 9/24/13

"I am extremely pleased with the expertise, efficiency and responsiveness of Dr. Laura Bealer and Director Betty Bridges. I was dubious that LASIK surgery could make that much of a difference at middle age. But after my Mother's excellent experience with Dr. Bealer for her cataract surgery, I saw that the medical team was in place to care for my vision in a new way. Wow! Thank you. The LASIK results have been terrific all way around." - CM 6/10/14

"Dr.Weeks is a wonderful, wonderful doctor. I have been taking my son to her from the age of two and he is soon to be eight. He was diagnosed with Esotropia Exotropia. She has already performed two surgeries on him. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a GREAT pediatric eye physician. One of the sweetest caring person you will meet." - CR 9/19/13

"Due to an eye injury, I walked in to the Eye Physicians & Surgeons office looking for appointment. They worked me in and the entire staff was great! Dr. Menon calmed me and did a wonderful job with examination and treatment. This is now my eye doctor!!! Recommend highly!!" - RM on 6/10/13

"What a pleasant surprise to find I'd won the sunglasses on your Patient Appreciation Day. I went in to see Dr. McManus today (yet again) and was given this great present. Thank you for caring for my eyes these past 39 years, and for my gift." - JW on 2/21/2013

"Thanks Dr. Gordon. I have heard about your good work for many years. You run a well-oiled operation.", RF on 12/31/2012

"While Lasik is commonly advertised on the internet, I recently had PRK eye surgery thanks to the recommendation of Dr. Bealer. While the PRK process is a longer recovery than Lasik, PRK is more rewarding in the long run as it further protects the integrity of your eye without creating a flap. The care and quality I received has been outstanding, and extremely rewarding with 20/15 vision." DS 11/30/12

"My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Christina Weeks for four years. My daughter who was diagnosed with amblyopia at age four. As a parent you have to know that it was the worse day of my life, because I blamed myself for not noticing something was truly wrong earlier. I am thoroughly pleased with Dr. weeks and the staff. They really made the experience warm, pleasant and informative." CE on 9/26/12

"I went to Eye Physicians to get Lasik done again as my vision had slipped over the years. I had Lasik performed 12 years earlier from them, and I knew what a great job they had done. I first met with Betty the technician, and then Dr. Bealer. They both recommended that I get the PRK procedure instead of Lasik. Also, that we just do one eye this time. I am very glad that I listened to them, as it went perfect and I can see great at both distance and for reading. It also saved me half the money I was going to spend. Great location, easy procedure, great staff, and wonderful follow through. I highly recommend Eye Physicians!" TM on 9/6/12

"I've been a patient of Dr. Gordon's for over 20 years. He has also treated my father-in-law, mother-in-law, late husband, and my own father. I've also seen Dr. Dhingra, and some of my family have been treated by Dr. Thomas. All of them are excellent doctors whom I have no hesitation in recommending. Dr. Gordon always has time to answer any and all questions, and explains things in easy-to-understand language. I've always found everyone at Eye Physicians & Surgeons to be very friendly, helpful, and professional." BKH on 8/23/12

"All of the staff are wonderful, Dr. Weeks operated on my left eye and I couldn't be more pleased. She takes time to answer any concerns or questions and does a thorough exam. I would highly recommend her for pedi patients as well as adults who have strabismus." SH, 4/21/12

"Highly recommended and great bang for your buck? I was pleased with the service that was granted to me when I first arrived. The nurses and doctors are very friendly and interested in getting to know their patients. Needless to say, the quality of the physicians are outstanding and the Atlanta Lasik Center is the perfect place for anyone who's seeking aid for vision." , H1

"Corrected my vision. I can see again - thanks guys. Great service, quick recovery. I was worried about that part of it, but I am no longer.", PB

"Dr. Menon is a very warm and caring doctor, and very professional and knowledgeable. She greets me warmly, and every time I go to see her, she always remembers to ask me about my husband and cat. I can't believe that, as busy a doctor as she is, she can remember that I have a cat! She is very thorough with her examinations, and does a great job informing me of preventative measures and things we need to watch out for. In other words, she is proactive with her treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Menon if you are in need of a very thorough, caring and knowledgeable doctor!"

"Dr. Paul McManus is a very dedicated, knowledgeable eye surgeon right on top of the latest procedures, medicines and techniques involved with the eyes. He is prompt, attentive and answers all questions-no matter how many or how long. He talks to the patient in language you can actually understand. I was extremely lucky to find this surgeon who saved my eye. Best of the best!". UB

"Experienced Friendly Doctors. I swear by these people. They are some of the most experienced doctors I've ever met. Everyone is so nice in the office they know my sons name and call him by his name. That makes us feel like people not patients. There is NEVER a long wait and I never leave the office with un-answered questions.", SM

"Seeing the Stars. My name is Charlotte and Dr. Gordon removed my cataracts a couple of years ago and inserted Toric Acrysof lens. Formerly my vision was -10.00. Now I have the vision of a hawk. Two weeks ago I was looking at the stars at 11pm on the top of a riverboat in the Ukraine. The only artificial light was from the boat. I was able to see various constellations in the heavens, the Big and Little Dipper, the milky way, Orion, and satellites creeping across the heavens. It was very exciting. I am thankful to God and to Dr. Gordon for my excellent vision.", C.

"Wonderful!! I've taken my son to see Dr. Weeks twice and I can't say enough good things about her and her staff. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. Dr. Weeks is incredibly good with kids and very knowledgeable. She will also take the time to address ALL of your questions and concerns. I've never had a better experience with any doctor much less a specialist. HIGHLY recommended!!!!" - JP

"First time. I had a great experience with them. Their Lasik consultation was free, and I hope to get Lasik very soon! Betty helped me through the process and was very friendly. The rest of the staff were nice and efficient. Highly recommend them!", A.

"Talk to Lauren, perfect customer service, very accommodating.", MS. 5/2015

"Dr. McManus patiently answered my questions and helped me understand glaucoma. He explained exactly what my medications do. He gave me confidence that my eye pressure will improve. I cannot recommend him highly enough" JG 6/21/15